A Celebration of Mind

Celebrate Martin Gardner's birthday in style by solving puzzles with Labyrinth! The hunt will start on October 1 and will send you all around the neighborhood on a puzzling quest. Every puzzle you solve increases your chance of winning some awesome prizes. It all leads to a grand finale event at Labyrinth Games & Puzzles on October 20.

Get Ready

The puzzle hunt will kick off at noon on Monday, October 1, 2018.

We recommend a team size of 2-4 solvers. We won't enforce a limit, but if you have a very large team you may find there's not enough for everyone to do. Also, while it's certainly possible to play on your own, puzzles are always more fun with friends!

Your team should create a single shared username and password to sign in to this website. In addition, each member of your team may want to download the Traipse app before the hunt begins. (Please note that while you can take these steps now to prepare, there will be no puzzles to solve until noon on October 1.)

(Please don’t worry. Neither Labyrinth nor Traipse will use any of your personal contact information in any way other than for the direct needs of this puzzle hunt. The need to register is only to facilitate tracking teams for prize eligibility and for access to puzzle levels at the appropriate times.)


The more puzzles you solve and the faster you solve them, the more likely you are to win some awesome prizes! Prizes will be awarded at the finale event at Labyrinth Games & Puzzles on Saturday, October 20. The finale starts at noon, and at least one member of your team must be present to win. Check out the list of prizes!

But wait—what's a puzzle hunt?

A рuzzle hunt is an adventure where teams compete to solve a wide variety of logic puzzles. Groups of puzzles in a hunt are often connected by a metapuzzle, leading to answers which combine into a final solution. For our hunt, some puzzles may require you to go to certain locations on Capitol Hill, while others can be solved at home. The hunt will be appropriate for all ages, though some of the puzzles in later rounds will be quite difficult.

If you’ve never participated in a puzzle hunt before, and you want to get an idea of the types of puzzles you may see, we recommend checking out the puzzle archives at DASH and Puzzled Pint. If you get stuck on a puzzle, you might try reading the MIT Mystery Hunt’s very helpful Resources for Beginners and Puzzle-Solving Tools. And if you really get stuck, you can always ask for a hint.


This hunt was created by Labyrinth Games & Puzzles with support from HillRag, Eastern Market Main Street, Antiochia Home Linens, Clothes Encounters, East City Bookshop, Hill's Kitchen, Howl to the Chief, Mr. Henry's Restaurant, Summit to Soul, and Traipse.co.